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Go “All In” On Your Transition Into Industry.

If you're committed to transitioning into an industry career, I will help you identify the best position and company for your skills so you can finally do meaningful work that leverages your PhD and compensates you well.

If you want to start planning and executing your industry position, fill out the application above to book a Transition Call with me and/or one of my Transition Specialists. 

During the Transition Call we will:

  • Determine where you are currently in your industry transition and where you need to be in order to get hired.
  • ​Your transition timeline and how to line up multiple job offers before your deadline so you can have your pick of top companies.
  • ​Which industry job titles are possible for you based on your PhD background and your unique circumstances.
  • ​Review a strategy for getting your name in front of industry decision-makers and reinventing your professional brand so you can start building industry credibility.


Paige Castleman, PhD

Evidence Evaluation Specialist -

I was afraid that I didn’t have enough technical skills. But the program taught me the importance of highlighting my strengths. So, I was able to narrow down my job search to careers that would fit my strengths. Even so, I suffered from severe imposter syndrome, but the group has helped me realize my potential. I am a very well trained academic who knows how to go down to the grindstone and get things done, and because of these skills and work ethic, I am so valued in industry.

Saad Ahmed Sheikh, PhD

Senior Research Scientist - Sandvik Group

Before The Association, I would assume that the hiring managers would know, given my PhD, my skill sets and the techniques I’ve mastered. But I learned how to rephrase my responses, and practiced using the questions given in the group, and to do research on the company so I could be prepared to tailor my answers to the company itself. For example, my final interview was 6 people which wasn’t an interview style I had been in before. So I researched each of the people, and wrote down how I would tailor my responses to each of the team members. It was a lot of work, but I believe it paid off!

Swati Dhar, PhD

Senior Scientist - NeoImmuneTech, Inc.

I realized that the job search process is a job in itself, and being able to throw a question into the group and get so many great responses from people who genuinely want to help. One of the skills in particular was negotiating. I never would have put myself down as an expert negotiator but the group helped train me and reminded me to value myself. So it’s still a learning curve but there is value to my PhD and I have a place to come back to and learn and improve on my skills. 

Emilia Bergoglio, PhD

AI Research Engineer - Splink, inc.

I googled the Association extensively before joining, because I understood it would be an investment. There are two parts to the association, the website and the private group. The Modules, Action Plans, and Videos and Transcripts are all very clear and you can take it in baby steps. The group is very responsive with a variety of topics. With posts like, “Yay I transitioned!”, to questions that make it clear that you’re not alone in your job search struggles. Everybody is willing to help and support everyone else in the group.

The first step is to jump on a Transition Call with me and/or one of my Transition Specialists.

In your Transition Call, we will help you get clear on the exact challenges you need to overcome to optimize your job search and get hired.

If you’re a fit to work with me personally to get hired, we can discuss this option too. To book your Transition Call just fill out the application above by answering a 6-part question form.

In just 15 minutes, we will help you get clear on the exact challenges you need to overcome to optimize your job search.

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